Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A moment about computers

Today I'm going to bring you an education post.

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While at TCCHS and in no way is this limited here but is in fact at least a state wide requirement to show your use of technology in the classroom. And as technology gets more advanced the use of that technology expands. The school that I was at it is part of the program that every student at the high school level will have a laptop to use in the classroom as well as most of them being able to take them home everyday.

That's right take home as well.

While there is a school of thought that teaches we must teach students the next level of devices to allow them to stay up to date on the real world work force we have to take a min and think about this.

First of all the students can not have their hands on the computers at all hours of the day. Anyone who has had to teach a bunch of students has found out the hard way just how many times they have had to repeat something because the kids are not on the website that you told them to go to and finding the information out but are in fact on YouTube, or Facebook or in the case of what happened one day writing emails so dirty that the child protection software flagged it as potential child molestation.

This is not something limited to the High School setting, just ask anyone who has sat in the back of the class in a college setting or even anyone who has had to monitor employees on the computer in a real world job.

The military is filled with memo's every day of reminding troops that the computers are not for playing around on.

And yet we are over stimulating the kids with technology that they are not prepared for or don't have a respect for. Until we stop over-saturating kids with power with out respect for it we will continue to see low text scores.

Here see for yourself

That study was done in 2010 of the top 65 counties, we placed 14th in reading, and that was our high score! Studies have shown that information found on a computer are less likely retained by the brain. And here we are making it a requirement almost across the board for the kids to do everything on the computer.

Less structure in the classroom with unlimited access to technology does not produce an educated workforce, it also does not produce soldiers who have self control or discipline.

- The Leer

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